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Compression socks will improve your performance during running

We all know it: We should exercise more, but the excuses for putting it off till tomorrow are queuing up. Often, it’s because we think it’s too hard, we get sore legs, etc. But if you have decided to start running, you might try compression socks, as they are supposed to alleviate heavy and sore legs.
Compression is said to help increase performance, improve endurance and reduce recovery time.
Many people associate compression clothing, especially socks, with old people and varicose veins, and that is not entirely wrong. Commonly known as support socks, these socks are long and incredibly tight just like compression socks. The same kind of socks are used during flights, especially long ones.
The purpose of using compression socks for running is to reduce the cross sectional area of the lower leg and thus the diameter of the superficial veins.
Therefore, before buying new running socks, you should measure your calf and buy your socks based on that measurement. Do not let yourself be tempted to buy a cheap pair of socks based on the size of your foot as they will not provide the desired effect. Compression socks help press the blood back from the superficial veins to the deep veins, whereby the blood flow is increased and the backflow of blood to the heart improved.
It has been scientifically proven that compression socks improve the venous backflow which is when the blood is lead back to the heart from the muscles. The few tests that have been made have mainly been made on individuals at rest, but it is assumed that the same effect applies during physical activity: Removal of waste products such as lactic acid, resulting in the reduction of muscle fatigue and recovery time.
Compression socks are said to make a difference primarily by increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles as well as the arterial blood flow by 50%. The increase in the arterial blood flow produces an increase in the transportation of oxygen to the muscles, which, according to the manufacturers, improves performance, endurance and recovery.
But not only is the blood flow said to be improved, the muscles will be stabilised during exercise, which reduces muscle fatigue and improves muscle endurance.
So, if you have become inspired by this article, you might go out and buy yourself a pair of compression socks and make your own experiences.