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Support stockings can be a great help during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you have an increased tendency towards swollen legs and feet, varicose veins, blood clots and tired legs. These inconveniences can occur very early in pregnancy and despite the fact that the foetus is only a few centimetres in size. But what is the actual reason for this? It is a hormonal disturbance in the body which, due to an increase in blood volume and body weight, makes the pressure on the veins in the legs grow as the weight increases during pregnancy. And as the baby grows, its head tend to press on the veins in the pelvis, thus impeding the flow of blood towards the heart. The larger you get, the harder it will be for you to move, and less blood will be pumped through your veins. This is where Support stockings come in as they can help prevent vein disease during pregnancy. Class 1 stockings are often sufficient, but if you were also having vein problems or excessive accumulation of fluid before you got pregnant, it may be necessary to use Class 2 stockings. If you want to be on the safe side and be kind to yourself during your pregnancy, we recommend that you start wearing Support stockings already when you are three months pregnant, and that you continue wearing them until two months after you have given birth, or as long as you are breastfeeding the baby.
If you do not want to wear the stockings for fear of looking like an old woman, there is no need to worry as the stockings are available in many styles and qualities. They are available as tights with room for the stomach and as knee and thigh stockings. They are also available in different colours with patterns so you can look smart even though you are pregnant and have to take care of yourself.
However, Support stockings are not the only way to prevent vein problems during pregnancy. If you avoid sitting still for long periods of time and make sure to stretch your legs well so that the blood flows freely towards the heart, you are already well on the way. And when you are lying down resting, take care to raise your legs a little, but not higher than 25 cm, to prevent excessive swelling of your legs. Furthermore, you should avoid staying too long in the sun and you may also consider giving your legs cool showers as the veins expand in the heat, which makes your blood flow more slowly. Finally, small exercises such as keeping your toes on the floor and moving your heels up and down for 10 seconds may also help prevent swelling. You should do this a couple of times a day. If you combine the use of support stockings with these small tricks, you are well prepared to prevent vein problems during your pregnancy.